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The purpose of these performance audits is to provide the states with an independent audit process aimed at assessing the effectiveness, efficiency and economic value of the Public Entity in meeting its mission. Additionally, performance audits look at the entity’s structure, employee skills, leadership and cultural aspects, processes and procedures, compliance with best practices and supporting technology and business intelligence. These audits also include a review of interactions with internal and external customers, internal and external metrics and performance under those metrics. In many cases comparative analysis and financial models may be required.

It is the intent of the performance audits, therefore, to help in holding implementers of Government programs accountable for the economic, efficient and effective discharge of programs. This may promote better public service delivery while enhancing public accountability and management.

Why Us?

  • Expertise in complex performance audits, compliance reviews, management assessments and reviews and organizational and staffing studies. Our Performance Audits clearly show the extensive depth and breadth of our experience on delivering an insightful, accurate and effective reporting in a wide variety of engagement types.
  • Experience working with public agencies. We have worked with Federal and State government agencies.  In fact, our principals participated in multiple performance audit engagements for the State of Utah.
  • Knowledge of and experience in preparation of feasibility studies including analyzing strategic alternatives and implementing desired programs.
  • Ability to produce a high-quality work product while working in a timely manner to meet established deadlines.
  • Extensive Expertise in Structured and Unstructured Interview Techniques and Data Gathering. A successfully executed interview is a blending of art and science. In order to obtain accuracy, deep experience is required when interviewing key personnel.
  • Extensive practical experience in leveraging our qualifications and certifications in Program Management, LEAN, Six Sigma and Agile for organizations of all sizes.
  • Extensive practical expertise in financial accounting and in data mining.  These skills are key in understanding the “truth” about operational and financial performance and in implementing business intelligence that can be used for continuous improvement.
  • Process Engineering Expertise.  Perlinski & Company has deep and recent expertise in reengineering business processes by using an interview / workshop format. We also bring to this process lean six sigma tools and deep information technology expertise.
  • Change Management.  Successful and enduring change management involves realigning values and incentives.  As mentioned earlier, understanding human behavior and how to create positive change that meets the goals of the program and the organization is a core competency of Perlinski & Company.
  • Communications with internal and external stakeholders. Communications is a critical component of what we do in every project. Perlinski & Company has extensive expertise developing and implementing comprehensive communication plans in large project settings with multiple and varied stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

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P&C Expansion into the Public Sector

Perlinski & Company (P&C) consultants have decades of experience in successful performance assessments, project planning, execution and implementation in the private, public and government sectors. We have successfully completed several Performance Audits for the State of Utah and are expanding to other states.

Giving Back to the Community

At P&C we strongly believe in giving back to the community, we have recently joined the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce in a concerted effort to strengthen corporate ties with surrounding communities. P&C executives will actively participate in outreach programs, business summits, and events in hopes of sharing our success and bettering our community. We hope to expand our outreach efforts to our offices in Orange County & the Bay Area. Please visit the Temecula Chamber of Commerce website for more information and check back with us often for updates and news of upcoming Perlinski & Company community sponsored events near you. You can also follow us on Twitter:

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