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The focus of our information technology offerings is to work with the IT functions within the organization to accomplish the following:

  • Lower the cost of services by restructuring policies, procedures and organization structures
  • Design lean processes that appropriately and flexibly serve business needs
  • Source goods and services externally in cost effective, measureable and enforceable ways
  • Vet, manage and deliver high value strategy positive information processing and reporting capabilities

Our service offerings include the following areas:

Project and Program Management

Perlinski & Company has a history of on-time and on-budget delivery of local projects and global programs. Throughout the 1990’s we invested heavily in developing proprietary project management overlays that are harmonious with all current project management methodologies. Comments from project managers who we have trained in our methods usually echo one veteran’s remark that “I’ve never felt so totally in control of a project before.”

Portfolio Management

Quite simply, we work with you to ensure that you are doing the right projects with measurable results to support the business. CIOs typically control large budgets and are the first to be scrutinized when capital is tight and cuts are required. We work with the CIO’s organization to integrate with the business in a closed loop process so that collaboration replaces finger pointing.

IT Strategy

We can support the CIO directly through direct development or refinement of various key strategies:

  • IT Governance
  • IT Process Optimization
  • IT Sourcing Strategy
  • IT Data Strategy
  • IT Change Management Strategy

Business Intelligence

A single version of the truth for everyone in the organization, especially your executive team is the Holy Grail. But finding the right data, the right analysis and the right (and appropriate) presentation can be a daunting task. Most likely, your staff does not do this work frequently and your technology provider doesn’t know your business. Perlinski & Company can help you realize the vision by providing the in depth skills required for success.

ERP Upgrade, Migration or Integration

This is one of the toughest projects to tackle and realize success. When you have been through dozens of these projects, you can easily see the mistakes and pitfalls. Perlinski & Company has been called for in-flight project assurance & rescue but we would  rather continue our success in full lifecycle program management and on-time and on-budget delivery for your project.  We would like to assist you in supplementing your team in the areas of management, process (re)design, process integration, controls and data integrity.

RFP Process & Requirements Definition

The IT Organization typically develops or assists in developing the greatest number of Requests For Proposal in the company. Perlinski & Company can assist in two ways. First, we have experience with a large number of prime vendors. We know the issues that could cause your projects to have less than the desired results. Second, knowing what to exclude from an RFP is as valuable as knowing what to include…and what you include needs to be accurate.

Cost Analysis and Management

Internal IT costs are always concern and identifying pockets of cost take out is a difficult job that’s rarely done internally with the same rigor that an unbiased party uses. Additionally, if Total Cost of Ownership is not in your calculations, we can help you better understand your real costs.

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P&C Expansion into the Public Sector

Perlinski & Company (P&C) consultants have decades of experience in successful performance assessments, project planning, execution and implementation in the private, public and government sectors. We have successfully completed several Performance Audits for the State of Utah and are expanding to other states.

Giving Back to the Community

At P&C we strongly believe in giving back to the community, we have recently joined the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce in a concerted effort to strengthen corporate ties with surrounding communities. P&C executives will actively participate in outreach programs, business summits, and events in hopes of sharing our success and bettering our community. We hope to expand our outreach efforts to our offices in Orange County & the Bay Area. Please visit the Temecula Chamber of Commerce website for more information and check back with us often for updates and news of upcoming Perlinski & Company community sponsored events near you. You can also follow us on Twitter:

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